About us

"Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which are there." – Richard Feynman - The Character of Physical Law         

James McNabb, Little Eagle Standing Strong

I have seen and conversed with spirits since I was a small child. Maybe my rich Celtic and Native American heritage have contributed to these gifts. I am Scots- Irish, Chiricahua Apache, Miami Indian and Siksika-Black Foot. I remember relatives and friends that had passed away, talking with me as a child as if they were still here. Because I got into trouble for telling family members where to find lost articles (because I was accused of hiding them), I blocked my psychic gifts until later in my adult life when I was approached by a woman who said, "It is time to use your intuitive abilities."

I have studied extensively with many teachers and under three Shamans, and I have become an accurate psychic and exorcist. In addition to our scientific technological tools used to verify paranormal presences, I am able to see those that are not in physical form (clairvoyant), to hear them (clairaudient), to communicate with them (medium), and to assist them along their way (exorcist). I help spirits to pass over and I remove dark invading presences. I have helped lost spirits, removed negative spirits, demons, Malevolent Inhuman Spirits, evil entities, attachments, possessions and cleared haunted dwellings. I am ordained and I do home clearings and blessings and I break spells, hexes and curses.

I know that this is a very unique skill - entity and spirit removal. After the message from the woman when I began to redevelop my psychic skills, I was sometimes chased by negative beings following me in my dreams. I quickly saw that I could consciously act within my dreams and take control of my situations. I became good at removing dark presences. I found that meditation also took me to where I needed to be to see those who were not in the body and used that tool as well. People were drawn to me because they had the challenges of being bothered by things that they could not see physically, so I was called upon to remove more and more "disturbances." The cases progressed into more demanding removals of spirits, ghosts, entities, demons, attachments…. Each experience was different and progressively more difficult. No two cases have ever been alike. I am an effective Exorcist with 25 plus years of experience.

In addition to James’ Intuitive vocation, he has worked in management in major grocery stores, was a private business owner and a home builder. He is a father, grandfather, student of metaphysics, lover of cars, mechanics, the old west, and studies the occult and the mysteries of the universe.

Cynthia McNabb

I did not believe in ghosts or paranormal activity. Raised in a traditional American, Christian home, I thought that if I focused on the positive, I would not draw negativity into my life. When my children left home for college, I moved into an apartment where weird things began to happen. It was more than haunted. In addition to things moving without me touching them and being thrown at me, I had strange dreams that came with actual physical symptoms and attacks, in addition to the haunting. Terrified, I prayed and smudged (burned frankincense and sage) but it only got worse. I brought in the Church to clear my home and many prayed in my home, but it was James, Little Eagle Standing Strong, that made the difference. In the Metaphysical community, he is known as the "Big Guns" when it comes to getting rid of spirits, so I called him. He cleared the apartment and stopped the attacks.

I thought that this experience was a sign for me to stop renting and to purchase my own home so that I could create a positive environment uninfluenced by so many past dwellers. I purchased a condo that was 27 years old. Sadly, it was haunted too. James came back and together we learned many new things about the paranormal. The neighbors in the 7 connecting units complained of a constant hammering going on in the unit next door - when no one was physically hammering. We heard it too and it was going on when no one was home. This was when we became aware of inter-dimensional beings. We found more than spirits, there were poltergeists, Malevolent Inhuman Spirits, vortexes and dimensional beings with their entrances and causeways constantly moving through. It took a lot of work to clear the condo and the complex and it was constant.

Through these experiences, we discovered that I am an intuitive (I sense presences, dimensional doors and vortexes), a clairalient (sensitive to odors that are not in the normal olfactory realm which also reveals presences) and a medium (able to communicate with spirits), and a Remote Viewer (I see presences hiding in distant properties far from where I am viewing them).

James and I married in 2005. Our combined gifts serve us well.

Cynthia earned her bachelors and masters degrees in Business Administration and Servant Leadership and is the Program Administrator of a graduate program at a major university. She is a mother and grandmother and enjoys the arts, Egyptology and studying Ancient Aliens.