"There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery." - Enrico Fermi, Physicist                               

Plymouth Michigan

The week before Halloween, we received a frantic call from a woman stating that paranormal activity appeared to be going on at her daughter’s new home.  Her two daughters, two grandsons and their two dogs lived there a full year without any disturbances. Then it started: cold spots in the back yard, knocking on the windows, shadows passing by the light, 4 year old afraid to go into the house complaining about “the man” and the pets were jumpy.  She reported that the occupants and visitors had experiences that they were hesitant to discuss with one another.  Finally the two women and the boyfriend of one daughter experienced things together that they could not ignore.  This discussion ensued and near the end of the digitally taped discussion, a disembodied voice said “Quit there.”  

One daughter disclosed that every time she got out of the car, she felt the presence of something walking so close behind her that there was barely any breathing room.  The boyfriend said that he had the feeling that every time he left the house, someone was watching him.  Then the 4 year old said that he did not want to go into the house.  He said that he was afraid of “the man!”  

Our team found a male spirit with a dog.  James approached him and he said to James, “Who are you?”  James stated his name and asked him his.  The ghost had a sense of humor, he said that his name was “Horace Debussy Jones” which is the name of one of the “Dead End Kids, later called the Bowery Boys popular in comedic movies beginning in 1934.  James told him that it was ok for him to pass on, that there are no devils waiting for him.  It took some persuasion, but he finally trusted James and he and his dog passed into the Light.  The house has been peaceful.   

Below are some of the cases that we have permission to mention.

  • Exorcised possessed newborn and stopped house haunting, Kalamazoo, MI

  • Removed Civil war soldiers haunting room filled with war antiques, Brighton, MI

  • Removed generational curse of a demon from continuous generational interference, MI

  • Removal of demon that haunted pictures in digital camera and appeared at campfire when camera froze and at 11:30 PM at a home in Riley, MI

  • Performed exorcisms at Victory of Light psychic fair, Cincinnati, OH

  • Removed spirits from people at Universal Light Expo psychic fair, Columbus, OH

  • Removal of spells, witchcraft, poltergeists and inter-dimensional beings, Sterling Heights, MI

  • Home clearing and blessing, Saline, MI

  • Removal of inter-dimensional structures/beings, Ypsilanti, MI

  • Helped ghosts into the Light in Native American village deceased from small pox, MI

  • Removed entity/demon from a woman’s back that caused back pain for 5 years and physicians could not find a source, Royal Oak, MI

  • Male spirit and his deceased dog terrorizing family sent to the Light, Plymouth, MI

  • Removal of inter-dimensional beings, vortexes, poltergeist, Ypsilanti, MI

  • Removal of ghosts from home next to cemetery, Royal Oak, MI

  • Inter-dimensional beings haunting condominium complex, Ypsilanti, MI

  • Exorcized demon from woman, Sterling Heights, MI

  • Exorcised spirits from woman who thought she was channeling, Cincinnati, OH

  • Ghost of Little Girl Haunting House, East Detroit, MI

  • Haunting – ghost of deceased 85 year old Italian immigrant, East Detroit, MI

  • Apparitions of male in window of house about to be purchased, St. Clair Shores, MI

  • Exorcism at the Body, Mind, Spirit metaphysical event, Warren, MI

  • Ghost presenting self as mummy removed, Warren MI

  • Haunting of ghosts who were hung - when the hanging tree was cut down, Canton, MI

  • At 5:15 PM daily, haunting in funeral home occurred, removal of many ghosts, Canton MI

  • Civil war soldiers fighting in children’s bedroom, Franklin Hills, MI

  • Ghost in California, San Diego CA

  • Exorcism of one woman at Temple of Sakkara conference, Allegan, MI

  • Niece temporarily possessed, performed exorcism, Eastpointe MI

  • Six ghosts from hanging tree sent to the Light, Eastpointe, MI

  • Dog urinating in front of picture of deceased dog that was haunting the house, Shelby Twp, MI

  • Helped ghosts to pass over, Rochester Hills, MI

  • Exorcism of spirit at house party, Sterling Heights, MI

  • Young male ghost pretended to be deceased twin of female watching her shower daily, Southfield

  • Removed spirits affecting woman in home, Roseville, MI

  • Haunting from ax killings at golf course house, Sterling Heights, MI

  • Ghost of man in raincoat with his ghost dog in a boy’s closet, Warren, MI

  • Two exorcisms of spirits at the Body, Mind & Spirit metaphysical event, Warren MI

  • Plumbing problem and haunting related to the Alamo, Southfield, MI

  • Exorcism of demon from woman, Wyandotte, MI

  • Removed ghosts from a trailer home, Allegan, MI

  • Haunting, vortex removal and stopped astral attacks, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Removed ghost of grandfather watching granddaughter shower, Sterling Heights, MI

  • Haunting of spirits and home blessing, Clinton Township, MI

  • Haunting, removal of ghosts, spirits, MIS, inter-dimensional beings/doorways, Ypsilanti, MI

  • Helped seven ghosts to pass on, home clearing and blessing, Waterford, MI

  • Removed spirits, Eastpointe, MI

  • Clearing and home blessing, Shepherd, MI

  • Broke spells, Lansing, MI

  • Spirit removal and blessings, Kalamazoo, M

  • Removed ghosts, home clearing and home blessing, Livonia, MI

  • Exorcised spirits from possessed woman, Marine City, MI

  • Removed ghosts, MIS, poltergeist, Clinton Township, MI

  • Removed spirits, Petoskey, MI

  • Exorcised spirits from two sisters, Rochester Hills, MI

  • Removal of demon that haunted pictures in digital camera and appeared at campfire when camera froze at 11:30 PM, Riley, MI