“Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it." – Niels Bohr, Physicist

Ninety nine percent of the calls we receive are to remove imposing presences. When people call us, they know that they have a problem. We have never received a call saying, "Please come see what we have." Instead, it is "Get it out of here!"

Our team has over 25 years of experience with the validation and elimination of paranormal anomalies. We scientifically investigate the presence of unexplained activity using the latest in technology to validate or refute active forces. We also use psychic impressions to verify presences. If the results show positive, we engage the expertise of our Intuitive team, one of whom is a Shaman with the skills of an Exorcist, to remove the presences and bring the environment or person(s) back to a normal state.

We have encountered and removed apparitions, ghosts, poltergeists, Malevolent Inhuman Spirits (MIS, harmful dark shadow beings), demons, suicide entities (referred to as Suicide Angels), evil spirits bound to Earth, attachments, possessions and cleared haunted buildings. We have discovered and removed inter-dimensional beings, inter-dimensional cracks, doorways and vortexes used for the transportation of inter-dimensional beings. We have also successfully helped people who have had spirits conjured and sent to them. We have also removed the affects of spells and generational curses.

Through our own experiences and through the people we have helped, we have discovered that there is a whole world that exists beyond our five senses that has intelligence and agendas. Some spirits have passed away but remain Earth-bound and do not know how to pass over. If it is their choice, our team helps them to do so. Other evil presences enjoy reeking havoc in the personal lives through telepathic communication and personal impositions. Many encounters have proven that those on the other side who impose themselves upon those not asking for their presence in their lives, do not always wish the highest good for those that they are "haunting." Our team helps to escort them to another place that is not harmful to those that they are imposing upon.

People help to cause the problems sometimes. One example is channeling. They assume that because someone is talking to them from the other side, he/she is positive. This is not always the case. Our team has performed exorcisms on those preying on the living.

We have countless stories of success and we invite you to look at our testimonials and the Case presented. We can provide referrals. We do not think that you are crazy. We have encountered many things that we hesitate to even write about on this website. Just suffice to say that we have been there and there is much more to be explained than not. We are waiting for your call.