"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." – Albert Einstein                                                                                                                                                              

Gregg & Chris, Livonia MI
Three years ago my wife and I bought a house in Livonia, Michigan. About 3 months later, after the dust settled from the unpacking, we noticed the house didn't feel entirely like our home. We were feeling cold spots that would come and go. I was lifted from my bed one night and dropped to the floor, hitting my head on the nightstand in the process. We tried smudging and a few energy techniques we were familiar with. The problem persisted. We decided to call the Paranormal Investigators of Michigan, LLC to clear the house of spirits and any negative energy. Our house has felt like our home ever since James cleared it out! We love it here thanks to James. The gratitude we feel is hard to express in words alone. Thank you!!

Michelle, Harrison Twp MI
I grew up being afraid of the dark, the boogie man, the closet monster and have experienced a lot of unexplained things. I was always told that "its just my imagination". It wasn't until I had a child of my own that I realized I wasn't crazy. A family member told me what James had done for her family. Without telling him anything about what I had experienced, he walked through my house and knew exactly what was going on. When I first met my husband, he used to tease me about my fears. Until one day he came face to face with a dark spirit in our house. The first words out of his mouth were "Call James!" He now fully trusts and believes in James and Cynthia. I have sense moved a few times, and everywhere my family goes, we seem to attract unwanted spirits. My children and I are very sensitive to the supernatural. James and Cynthia have been there to get us through it and get rid of whatever is there. They have helped to make my family feel more safe. Even in the middle of the night, they have only been a phone call away.

Greg K., Roseville, MI
I drove from my home in Michigan to Kentucky, to visit with family & friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. On Thanksgiving morning Tom and I went to Sears (the only store open) and purchased 2 mock turtleneck shirts. After returning home, Tom hung these shirts in the master bedroom closet after removing all price tags etc. The next day (Friday) one of the shirts (eggplant color) and the wood hanger it was on was missing. After searching for it in the closet and other closets throughout the house the shirt was nowhere to be found. The closet has very few items of clothing and is very organized. All shirts are hung color coded. In an effort to relieve Tom of his anxiety regarding the missing shirt, I decided to call James on Friday evening. James asked about some important details, and said he would meditate on it and get back with us the same night. He called back a little after 9 PM, and stated that he contacted a woman named "Alice" and she said she took the shirt because she was cold. He told her to go to the light, and then she was gone. He also said our home would no longer be bothered by unwanted spirits because he did a banishing ritual. James asked us to check if the eggplant mock turtleneck was back. I went to the closet and no, it wasn't there. I told James "Not yet." He said that things should quiet down and to call if we continued to have problems. I thought to myself "This is nice, Alice went to the light and we are still missing a shirt." Saturday evening while laying in bed, during one of those waking moments in between sound sleep, I heard a quiet whoosh and gentle thud in the master bedroom area. At that time I thought OK, the spirits are still here, but said nothing and forgot about the incident. Sunday morning, while looking through the closet for the 4th or 5th time since the disappearance of the shirt, the eggplant mock turtleneck was found hanging in between a yellow and a white shirt in the closet on the opposite side from where it disappeared. Tom was happy with the return of his shirt, but thought it was a really strange series of events. I told him that I'd call James to thank him on Monday when I arrived back in Michigan. When I called, I found out that James meditated after we spoke on Friday to tell "Alice" to return the shirt. At that point we realized that Tom now has a shirt that had been to heaven & back.

Michael, Mount Pleasant, MI
My name is Mike and over the past 15 plus years that I had James handling all my paranormal cleansing in our homes in Macomb and Isabella counties, he has removed no less than 12 spirits from our different houses and apartments. In our Eastpointe house, my granddaughter would talk to and play with the spirits and when we realized it was not an imaginary friend, we called in James. He has removed different spirits for us in our Clinton Township apartment and again in our present home in Isabella county. James and Cyndi have been working together for at least the past 4 years and in fact, that’s how they met. Some of my friends have had James doing cleansing in their homes and businesses and he has built up a nice clientele over the years. Our family will continue to use James and Cyndi for all our needs in removing the spirits from our homes and businesses. If you want the job done right, James and Cyndi are by far the couple to handle all of your paranormal needs.

K.T., Plymouth, MI
Most recently I had been experiencing a presence at our house...in secret of course, as to not alert the others living here. One night while sitting outside enjoying the night, I learned that I was not the only one experiencing the presence that was revealing itself as a "shadow" type figure around the back door and the yard. We immediately called James for help...since then, all is calm and peaceful again.

Theresa B., Garden City, MI
Cyndi and James McNabb have helped my family through very trying times. As a single mother of daughters, they helped cleanse my home of unwelcome presences. They also took the time to explain and guide us spiritually, so that we had a better understanding of what was going on. My daughters no longer fear their own home. They feel secure in knowing that the McNabb’s are only a phone call away if their services are ever needed again. The Paranormal Investigators of Michigan are committed to resolving your problem, and I would highly recommend them for your paranormal needs.